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Leadership, Ownership, and the Technical SME Role

So what’s an SME? An SME is a Subject Matter Expert. This label applies to a person with a very narrow focus of expertise, a niche. Some folks at Microsoft used to describe this as “inch-wide, mile-deep.” The opposite would be more of a generalist, i.e. “mile-wide, inch-deep.” For years, I’ve been identified as an […]

Palms Up or Palms Down

So, I was attending a yoga class at a local studio; the class was intended for stress management. In preparation for the last meditation, the instructor told us to lie on our backs, place our arms on the floor at a slight angle from our bodies, and then rest our hands either palms up or […]

How to: Active Directory Migration Discovery

So I’ve mentioned this in several posts now.. A well-planned migration comes in phases: Discovery End-User Compute Applications and Services Cleanup & Closure So what does a migration discovery actually consist of? What level of privilege should I request in the environments? These are some of the more common questions I’ve been asked. For my […]


So, I’ve arrived—Day 5 in Austin, and damn, these days are flying by! Observations: It’s hot. And humid. And has lots of tourists here in the SoCo area where I’m staying. I’m trying to get out and explore on a daily, partly because my Airbnb host hardly runs her A/C and mostly because my intention […]

Paging Dr. Gregson….Dr. Gregson Stat!!!

Information Technology, is neither an exciting nor a glamorous career choice. However, I’ve always likened us to emergency room doctors, and, often, the patient is about to code. There are many roads to get here. Some people arrive via formal education – bachelor of science, master’s degree, or some other form of higher education. Some […]

A Day in the Life

So as a small business owner, especially in this fast-paced gig economy, you don’t know what your day is going to hold. I wake, make my coffee, then catch my first round of the daily news. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Alexa is one of my tools and my briefings include the latest bits from Wired, […]

The X Meets Convergent Technologies for the UnknXwn

2019 is the tenth year for the TEDxGreenville annual conference.  Come by and say hello at our Convergent Technologies booth … pick up a bit of swag and play vintage Atari games during the breaks.  We look forward to seeing you there! Proud Supporter of TEDxGreenville

What Is A Migration?

Migration… Birds migrate. Birds Fly South. HA! A local reference for folks here in Greenville, SC. But what is a migration? What does that mean? Well, in the frame of myself and my peers, it can imply many scenarios. For instance, data moving from one server to another could be labeled a data migration. Virtual […]

Make-A-Wish Blooms in Charleston

Save the Date: Wishes in Bloom, May 19, 2019  6:00 pm Hosted at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. Don’t miss this unique evening of fine dining by Lowcountry chefs and profoundly moving wish experiences.  Share this opportunity to help raise funds to help create more wishes for children with critical illnesses.  For tickets click here.


Many thanks to Make-A-Wish SC for a fantastic time at the Wish Ball – an amazing event and fundraiser with moving stories of brave kids, their families and what can happen when wishes come true.  It’s a privilege to be a part of this mission. Joining me were my children, Alleigh and Zachery Gregson, as […]