A Call to All Freaks and Greeks

This weekend, Greenville, South Carolina goes Greek. With the 33rd Annual Greek Festival coming to town we are excited to stuff our faces with authentic Greek food and enjoy the live music. The menus for this event from food trucks and other pop-up shops include: Greek burgers, gyros, souvlaki, calamari and more. As if that didn’t make your mouth water enough, the pastries they offer are even better! One of my favorites is baklava, but I look forward to trying “loukoumades,” a kind of Greek doughnut dipped in honey.

While food is a big part of the festival, the live music and traditional Greek folk dancing is something you won’t want to miss. The dancers are dressed from head to toe in traditional costumes from various places in Greece. Not only can you observe in awe, but they also encourage you to join in!

So, whether you are spending the weekend with your family or a night on the town with some friends, make sure you stop by. Grab some awesome food, sweets, and don’t forget to get Greeky!