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Laying a Great Foundation

Rick recently sent me an article for my thoughts from “Wired” magazine in which a leading authority on AI discusses the need for reasoning in AI and machine learning. He wants his systems to ask “why.” It is a valid point. Andrew Ng, in his great Coursera courses (highly recommended), suggested that machine learning was […]

What is the Prime Objective?

Author’s note: I have relocated from Silicon Valley to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Rick, the founder of Convergent Technologies, recently set up shop in Austin. He and I have a running bet on what city will be the bigger tech hub in ten years. We will keep you updated on who is winning! […]

The Devil Is in the Fee-tails

We’ve created a stock market that moves too darn fast for human beings. —A former vice chairman of Nasdaq First, the take home: Nearly all investment firms are using some form of algorithms and machine learning. The minor performance increases of one versus another generally do not outweigh the fees charged. Go with the cheapest […]

Automating the Automation

Automation is a scary thing. While I was in Silicon Valley, I stayed at a house that was a short distance from Facebook. In this area, it is almost impossible to get by without roommates, and I had four. Three of them worked at Facebook. I got to know the inner workings a bit, and […]

So there is this thief, and there is this cop…

Let’s do something fun today. I have seen the latest craze (or at least it was a couple weeks ago) on Facebook of face aging. Personally, I never watched the last scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and thought, “That would make a great app. People would love to see themselves aged at […]

Bring Your Own Bias

I enjoy making beer. Generally, I’ll try to make a batch for special occasions or just because it’s mid-January. It is easy and cheap to make—and therefore, ubiquitous. However, there are nearly limitless possibilities for beer recipes, so people’s tastes for it are extremely subjective. Unless you’ve brewed a batch that is described as “chewy,” […]

The Target

First, I just want to say how excited I am to be part of Convergent Technologies. My dear friend, Rick Gregson, asked me to join the company for the purpose of bringing my knowledge of data science to the table. Additionally, I was invited to contribute a weekly blog, so I will back up for […]

Can Data Really Lead to Love?

My wife is from Kenya. This has nothing to do with big data or the fun yet ineffective algorithms (spoiler alert) that I will get into later. This just means that she has not seen a lot of the same movies that I have, so we have been going on a bit of a romantic […]

Competitive Advantage

I was asked to have a cup of coffee by a fellow data scientist in the valley. He had a particular motive. He wanted to know if there was a way to make a profit in daily fantasy sports betting. He had done well betting some games in the NBA, but when he tried baseball, […]