Arts and Tech Converge as Gregson Takes the Stage at Warehouse Theatre

Rick Gregson, Founder and Senior Consultant at Convergent Technologies, took the stage at Greenville’s Warehouse Theatre Thursday night–well, technically, he was near the stage, and he definitely was not acting!

As an ardent fan and sponsor of Warehouse productions, Gregson and his associates were invited to preview the world premiere of “Power of Sail,” a riveting drama crafted by screenplay scribe and playwright Paul Grellong. Prior to the performance, Gregson joked about the irony of an IT specialist addressing an audience of theatre patrons. The owner of a company that specializes in data migration, his love for live performances began several years ago when he noticed the way shows engaged his children.

“At this point in my professional life, the technical pieces are relatively easy. It’s the human aspect you have to consider when you’re dealing with any type of transition a company and its people may be going through,”Gregson said. “In a roundabout way, the arts community in Greenville helped shape who I am as a person and what Convergent is as a company.”

Critics are calling “The Power of Sail” an unpretentious commentary on the battles of modern society. Gregson added to that, “I won’t give the plot away, but it’s got some controversial issues. It doesn’t take sides; it just makes us think–and it’s entertaining at the same time.”

“The Power of Sail” will be at the Warehouse Theatre through March 31. Show times and tickets are available at