Convergent Technologies Partners with YMCA through Amplify Austin Event

AMPLIFY: to expand; to make larger or greater, (as in amount, importance, or intensity); to increase the strength or amount of

As many of you know, Rick Gregson, the founder of Convergent Technologies, recently moved from the Upstate of South Carolina to Austin, Texas. One of his motivating factors was the fact that the Lone Star State capital has become quite the tech hub; however, if you know Rick, you know he’s always interested in the community, the culture, and the people around him.

One organization that caught his attention was the YMCA of Austin . All of us here at Convergent Tech applaud the Y’s inclusiveness, its affordability, and the amazing number of programs they provide for all ages. Rick was happy to contribute to their endeavors and is honored that organizers will be displaying the company logo in the TownLake facility.

According to District Executive Director, Tiffany Patterson, one in five elementary school students enrolled in their YMCA Afterschool programs will receive financial assistance, and approximately 4,000 families total will benefit from their Membership for All  financial assistance program. This program reduces the cost of memberships, other program fees, and the childcare services offered by the Austin YMCA, based on income. For the children, the programs provide a safe, creative space outside of their schools. Additionally, 2,000 area kids will learn to swim in 2020 (17,000 have learned for free since 2009), and 44,000 meals will be served at no cost in the YMCA Camp and Afterschool programs..

“I really appreciate the Austin YMCA’s graduated fee structure and community outreach. They work hard to make sure their facilities are run well and everyone gets what they need. It’s about more than fitness; it’s about people. That’s why it’s a really cool organization to support and a great place to come – to exercise, socialize, get acquainted, and get involved,” Rick says. “You should checkout their ‘Art Wall’ too! Fantastic works, local artists, curated by Amber Weber.”

Earlier this month, Amplify Austin (a 24-hour period of giving) helped bring in $273,838 for the Y. In the biggest day of giving, the city has raised more than $57 million for area nonprofits and continues to be an annual effort to boost local nonprofits. #AmplifyATX

To better explain what that means to the people the Y touches, the staff shared some testimonials. Here are a few of the lines that touched us:


. . . It’s a place to come and have that camaraderie.

. . . It’s not a place you have to fit in.

. . . Everybody comes because they know they’re welcome

The YMCA has been a special place for us because it’s a place where my daughter can be exactly who she is

. . . It’s given her a sense of confidence and accomplishment.


Again, we are grateful for the opportunity to amplify an organization that does so much for so many and fosters a culture that brings people together.

We here at Convergent Technologies would love to be your partner in change. In fact, we’re passionate about change for the better – Change in mind, change in heart. Let’s make these changes together . . .

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