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An Influencer’s Influence over BitCoin

You know, realizing that Elon Musk has such a voice, he’s controversial, and he can be polarizing (all qualities reminiscent of a past president). I can’t help but wonder… Did Tesla/Elon sell off any of their BTC holdings prior to his public announcement regarding Tesla accepting BitCoin? Similar to complaining about people short selling Tesla […]

Convergent Technologies Partners with YMCA through Amplify Austin Event

AMPLIFY: to expand; to make larger or greater, (as in amount, importance, or intensity); to increase the strength or amount of As many of you know, Rick Gregson, the founder of Convergent Technologies, recently moved from the Upstate of South Carolina to Austin, Texas. One of his motivating factors was the fact that the Lone […]

Austin Meet & Greet, Let’s Talk Tech!

Convergent Technologies wants to provide a platform where you can connect with individuals in your field on a personal and professional level. Whether your specialty lies in Microsoft Directory Service, Active Directory/Messaging Migration, or Security/Identity-related interest, we would love to share a space where hardworking professionals are able to share their experiences and challenges. That’s […]

Our Fondest Wish

We at Convergent Technologies cherished the opportunity to once again be a Premiere Sponsor of the annual Wish Ball held by Make-A-Wish of South Carolina. This year’s theme was to celebrate wishes that have taken flight, changing the lives of many South Carolina Wish Kids. A Wish Kid is a child suffering from a critical, life-threatening […]

Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Retrospect

So it’s Thursday, November 7. I’ve spent the week in Orlando, Florida, at Microsoft Ignite.   Microsoft runs many large events annually that draw a lot of attention from business partners and end clients, but Ignite and Inspire seem to be the two my contemporaries attend most often. Although both are good, Ignite seems to be the […]

AI/Machine Learning, Consumer Expectations, and Liability

As a Tesla owner, I purchased a Model S two years ago due to its promises of cutting-edge self-drive capability and the fact that I’d never have to buy gasoline again. It’s been two years, and I’m still waiting to reap the benefits. My car and I have been through a couple of accidents—the last […]

Inside “The Crucible”

“Setting the stage for important conversations.”  That line from The Warehouse Theatre’s website explains Rick Gregson’s decision to have Convergent Technologies support this energizing organization in Greenville, SC. Rick became a Warehouse fan years ago during tougher times when he needed to engage his children. The conversations sparked by plays confirmed his choice of live […]

Talk About TED

My first meeting with Rick Gregson, founder of Convergent Technologies, told me I’d found a kindred collaborator for communication strategy. His demeanor and candor were not what I had expected from someone whose profession involves terminology such as IT ecosystem and Active Directory Migration. Part of that stems from the fact that those terms were […]

A Call to all Alien Hunters: Are You Storming Area 51?

Imagine this . . . It’s September 20, 3 a.m. (PST) in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. While some might be leaving a bar after a late night or long since curled up in bed, your friends and you, along with some other likeminded alien hunters, are preparing to storm the gates of Area 51, seeking ultimate […]

Way To Go Graduates!

YOU DID IT! Congratulations to all the graduates! Whether your degree is in the IT field, Business, Engineering, Pre-Med, etc., you made it. During the school year this idea ponders on your mind quite a bit and it’s finally here. Soak up the sun, get a drink, and take a post-grad vacay somewhere, you deserve […]