Upcoming Performances at The Warehouse Theatre

As a proud sponsor of The Warehouse Theatre, Convergent Technologies is excited to give you a sneak-peak into their upcoming performances. We are excited to attend and support to the following performances: “The Crucible”,“Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, and “100 Saints You Should Know”. The Warehouse Theatre is a local award-winning converted textile warehouse located in Greenville’s Historic West End District. Every year they challenge us to foster growth and unity in our community. With each performance, the warehouse allows individuals to dive into cutting edge topics, making for great conversation starters.

The Crucible is a story of the Salem witch trials held at the Province of Massachusetts Bay from 1962-1963. The play was written as a metaphor for McCarthyism, during the time the United States government had oppressed people who were accused of being communists.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical about Hedwig Robinson. While suffering from a fumbled sex-operation and being the daughter of U.S Army Major General, Hedwig combines songs and monologues to describe her life. The performance shows how she managed her lovers, her life, and her career.

Last but not least, 100 Saints You Should Know is all about Theresa, a cleaning woman, trying to learn how to pray. During her cleaning career she meets a priest named Matthew who is struggling with talking to God himself. While he tries to remember and she tries to figure it out, they enable each other to find faith and identity.

Each season The Warehouse Theatre puts on six performances and these are just a few that Convergent Technologies is excited to be apart of. We look forward to seeing you there!