What Is A Migration?

Migration… Birds migrate. Birds Fly South. HA! A local reference for folks here in Greenville, SC.

But what is a migration? What does that mean? Well, in the frame of myself and my peers, it can imply many scenarios. For instance, data moving from one server to another could be labeled a data migration. Virtual machines (VMs) moving from one host to another could be a VM migration. By an online dictionary, a “movement from one part of something to another” is a migration. Yeah… That definition is pretty vague but accurate. The idea is to move something. However, it doesn’t have to be a physical move.

In my world, migrations are frequently the product of organizations either coming together (M&A) or breaking apart (Divestiture). You could say I make my money in change… 😊 for these types of transitions, those changes aren’t often physical.

A basic scenario might look like the image at the top of this article and the gist is this – Users, Groups, their machines, their resources, and their applications are logically represented in a given Domain (the red pyramids). Each Domain is a separate and distinct security boundary. Moving the objects from one Domain to the other, well… that’s the migration work that I do.

Convergent Technologies helps clients plan, prepare, and execute these sorts of transitions by leveraging their in-house skill sets with our knowledge and experience of the Quest Migration Manager toolset and Microsoft Active Directory.

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