So, I’ve arrived—Day 5 in Austin, and damn, these days are flying by! Observations: It’s hot. And humid. And has lots of tourists here in the SoCo area where I’m staying. I’m trying to get out and explore on a daily, partly because my Airbnb host hardly runs her A/C and mostly because my intention is to get a feel for this city as I consider a possible relocation.

Work (Client requests) have been off the chain since Memorial Day weekend. Among other workstreams, we have one high-touch project running, a divestiture, with a 6/30 separation date. Apparently, the client is getting kicked-off their present network, sink or swim. This could be because of legal or business considerations, but with such a compressed window of time, risk increases. Any mitigation tactic we’ve proposed to allow us a “continuance” has been nixed by the company’s former ownership, so it’s going to be tough push, even with all oars in the water. The best we can do is position everything for cutover, sync identities, re-permission resources, and push to get mailboxes synced—all while trying to provide some overall guidance and input.

The client is good people, but they are in a poor position for a desirable business outcome. We’ll help them prepare as much as we can and help them pick up the pieces on the other side of this separation.

Sometimes this is what a migration looks like. Chaos. It’s inherent in the undertaking, along with risk—in regard to the impact on business . . . processes, continuity, reputation, even brand if there is a significant outage.

 A well-planned migration comes in phases: 

1.            Discovery

2.            End-User Compute

3.            Applications & Services

4.            Clean-up & Closure

 We here at Convergent Technologies would love to be your partner in change. We’ve assisted many organizations with Microsoft Active Directory projects including assessments, segmentation, and consolidation, as well as other forms of migration projects. How may we help you?

 Now, I’m off to discover more of Austin!