Behind the Screens

Hello, everyone. My name is Alleigh Gregson, and this summer, I’ll be one of the faces behind the screens at Convergent Technology. If my last name sounds familiar, that’s because I share it with my father, Rick Gregson, the founder of the company. Since becoming his marketing intern, I’ve been able to give dear old dad a little return on his investment in my college education at Clemson University where I will be a senior in the fall. 

Summertime is when I really get to dive deep with the company. My duties include social media oversight, appointment and event calendar management, and assisting the branding coordinator with various initiatives designed to show not only what the company does but also the values behind it. Once I receive my bachelor’s degree in marketing, I plan to pursue an MBA. I haven’t decided which school to attend for a post graduate degree, but the College of Charleston is a recommendation I’ve frequently been given.

Along with being a full-time student, I’m a full-time dog mom to Scooter, a small Pekingese mix who likes to live life large. Scooter is her name and doggie breath is her game. When I’m not at the dog park with her, I enjoy dabbling in photography, and I love to travel wherever and whenever I can. Whether it’s for a school event, a family outing, or a company cause, I can’t get enough of the open road. Speaking of travel–if you’ve kept up with the travel journey series on our site, you know how my dad is in Austin, Texas, which is an emerging tech hub. If he doesn’t come home soon, “Howdy!” and “Yee-haw” will become permanent parts of his vocabulary. Before that happens, I plan to take a trip out there. He doesn’t need much help to #KeepAustinWeird, but it will be nice to tour a new city and see what the Wild West has to offer.

Until next time…