Upcoming Events

Hope everyone is have a happy Friday eve! Today has been very productive in hopes of getting ready for the weekend. Running a website and social media platforms through the week means coming up with intriguing topics for your audience to participate in. Rarely, on days like today, lil ole’ me has nothing to say.

So, I’m writing this to update you guys about future events that Convergent Technologies will be participating in. We’ve planned an evening for Rick to speak at Coffee Underground  for their Alchemy event. Here, he will tell a few stories all while a creative improv group acts out their interpretation of the stories alongside him. Save the date and be sure to join us Friday, August, 23rd for an evening of fun!

Also, we hope to see you guys at The Experts Conference (TEC)  hosted through Quest. This event will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, August 27-29. After almost a decade, they are back and better than ever! We are excited to learn what’s new in IT with the help of leaders in the community.

This summer, Convergent Technologies, plans to attend many events to build connections in the area. Join the fun and get involved!