A Day in the Life

So as a small business owner, especially in this fast-paced gig economy, you don’t know what your day is going to hold.

I wake, make my coffee, then catch my first round of the daily news. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Alexa is one of my tools and my briefings include the latest bits from Wired, the LinkedIn Daily Rundown, Reuters, and the local weather. I emerge about 20-minutes later sorta ready to start the day. Anyway. .. Here we go!

Checking email is next, and working with so many companies, each wants you on their own mail system; this is a pain.. I scan each mailbox and apply some subliminal heuristic, weighing project, initiative, person, and impact. From there, I begin responding to items as the day takes hold.

Usually around mid-day, I have my bearings and things are in-motion. I take a break to meditate, shower, and go have some lunch; often heading Downtown afterwards because sometimes sitting at home can be too distracting in it’s isolation. I have a few favorite haunts in Greenville, generally coffee shops with consistent WiFi. I’m well-known (a well-known security principal) at several.. Sorry, Active Directory humor.

While I’m here, I use the white noise of the background to focus on the work tasks at hand. Hours go by – conference calls, emails, instant messages, water cooler conversations, strategy, tech sessions, and a sharing of stresses and successes turning colleagues into friends as you lean on each other. Just the way Enterprise projects run.. Never simple, but teamwork makes the difference.

When you don’t have that, it’s awful. When you do, you stand a chance.. As Consultants, we’re here to guide; as SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), we’re here to be deep experts (inch-wide, mile deep) with certain bits as well as help put all of the pieces together. We rely heavily on the client, however, because no one knows their organization (people, processes) like they do.

Working together, we get things done. .. And, sometime in the afternoon/evening, I get a chance to take my foot off the pedal and let the engine slow. I know there are things needing to be done, there’ll always be more to do. You run hard. You rest. You play.

As an Entrepreneur, I believe that we have to seek balance. I’ve went years wide-open. I’ve had, and will continue to have, technical employees to assist with project deliveries; but right now, I am finding the most benefit in having an Admin Assistant. I can’t cover it all so having the extra person helps me immensely. Especially this year, since I’m more focused on achieving a balance.

That’s one of the cool things about being an Entrepreneur, you have more of an opportunity to influence what you want your life to look like; it becomes more choice and intentional design. For me, this speaks to Freedom and I’m grateful to be here.


Upcoming Performances at The Warehouse Theatre

As a proud sponsor of The Warehouse Theatre, Convergent Technologies is excited to give you a sneak-peak into their upcoming performances. We are excited to attend and support to the following performances: “The Crucible”,“Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, and “100 Saints You Should Know”. The Warehouse Theatre is a local award-winning converted textile warehouse located in Greenville’s Historic West End District. Every year they challenge us to foster growth and unity in our community. With each performance, the warehouse allows individuals to dive into cutting edge topics, making for great conversation starters.

The Crucible is a story of the Salem witch trials held at the Province of Massachusetts Bay from 1962-1963. The play was written as a metaphor for McCarthyism, during the time the United States government had oppressed people who were accused of being communists.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical about Hedwig Robinson. While suffering from a fumbled sex-operation and being the daughter of U.S Army Major General, Hedwig combines songs and monologues to describe her life. The performance shows how she managed her lovers, her life, and her career.

Last but not least, 100 Saints You Should Know is all about Theresa, a cleaning woman, trying to learn how to pray. During her cleaning career she meets a priest named Matthew who is struggling with talking to God himself. While he tries to remember and she tries to figure it out, they enable each other to find faith and identity.

Each season The Warehouse Theatre puts on six performances and these are just a few that Convergent Technologies is excited to be apart of. We look forward to seeing you there!

Save the Date!

Friday, August 23rd, we would like you to join Convergent Technologies for a night out at the Alchemy Comedy Theatre. Not only will we be there to enjoy all the fun, but Rick Gregson himself will be participating.

This comedy show is all about improv and sketch comedy shows! The guest speaker tells four or five stories about themselves, and the local performers act out their interpretations of each story. Besides being a great laugh, these shows are a fun way to get the community together. While enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals in the area, we hope to see you there!

Flipside Arts Fest

Tomorrow evening, Birds Fly South Ale Project will be hosting the Flipside Arts Fest. This event supports creative styles and unique content from underground artist in our community. The festival allows a safe space for artist to share and network with other like-minded artist in the area. Celebrating and encouraging, Flipside Arts Fest is a good outlet for makers. So, start the weekend off right, and enjoy a night out with family and friends while supporting local art!

A Call to All Freaks and Greeks

This weekend, Greenville, South Carolina goes Greek. With the 33rd Annual Greek Festival coming to town we are excited to stuff our faces with authentic Greek food and enjoy the live music. The menus for this event from food trucks and other pop-up shops include: Greek burgers, gyros, souvlaki, calamari and more. As if that didn’t make your mouth water enough, the pastries they offer are even better! One of my favorites is baklava, but I look forward to trying “loukoumades,” a kind of Greek doughnut dipped in honey.

While food is a big part of the festival, the live music and traditional Greek folk dancing is something you won’t want to miss. The dancers are dressed from head to toe in traditional costumes from various places in Greece. Not only can you observe in awe, but they also encourage you to join in!

So, whether you are spending the weekend with your family or a night on the town with some friends, make sure you stop by. Grab some awesome food, sweets, and don’t forget to get Greeky!


Join Convergent Technologies at The Experts Conference (TEC)

After a seven-year break, The Experts Conference (TEC) is back and will be held at Belmond Charleston Place. This event, sponsored by Quest Software, allows people to expand their knowledge on Active Directory and Office 365 best practices. TEC is a great opportunity to network with peers and other Microsoft experts in the community while enjoying the southern hospitality of Charleston, South Carolina. As a Quest business partner, Rick Gregson of Convergent Technologies, will be attending TEC this year in hopes of connecting with others and sharing knowledge and experiences. Looking forward to seeing folks there!


Rick Talks TED

If you’ve never attended a TEDx Greenville event, allow us to talk it up for a minute. It’s a day-long program of polished, yet unpretentious speakers—some from across the country, some from right here in the Upstate. Not convinced yet? These aren’t the kind of speakers that put you to sleep; they’re the kind that wake you up, make you think, make you want to do great things.

Every year, there’s a theme, but interpretations of it are anything but conformist. In addition to the powerful program, there are interactive exhibits all over the building; Vintage Atari games were a hit at our Convergent Technologies station. Sincere thanks to Katie Leckenbusch for her idea and assistance getting the booth together, and congratulations to TEDx Greenville organizer Russell Stall and his awesomely energetic crew of volunteers.

As proud sponsors of the conference, Convergent Technologies’ own crew enjoyed being behind the scenes. TED talks about technology, entertainment, and design. We’re taking it a few syllables further by saying it’s a community-minded, avant-garde approach to business, much like our own. If you think this is an idea worth sharing—or experiencing—pass this along on social media and visit tedxgreenville.com.

The X Meets Convergent Technologies for the UnknXwn

2019 is the tenth year for the TEDxGreenville annual conference.  Come by and say hello at our Convergent Technologies booth … pick up a bit of swag and play vintage Atari games during the breaks.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Proud Supporter of TEDxGreenville

What Is A Migration?

Migration… Birds migrate. Birds Fly South. HA! A local reference for folks here in Greenville, SC.

But what is a migration? What does that mean? Well, in the frame of myself and my peers, it can imply many scenarios. For instance, data moving from one server to another could be labeled a data migration. Virtual machines (VMs) moving from one host to another could be a VM migration. By an online dictionary, a “movement from one part of something to another” is a migration. Yeah… That definition is pretty vague but accurate. The idea is to move something. However, it doesn’t have to be a physical move.

In my world, migrations are frequently the product of organizations either coming together (M&A) or breaking apart (Divestiture). You could say I make my money in change… 😊 for these types of transitions, those changes aren’t often physical.

A basic scenario might look like the image at the top of this article and the gist is this – Users, Groups, their machines, their resources, and their applications are logically represented in a given Domain (the red pyramids). Each Domain is a separate and distinct security boundary. Moving the objects from one Domain to the other, well… that’s the migration work that I do.

Convergent Technologies helps clients plan, prepare, and execute these sorts of transitions by leveraging their in-house skill sets with our knowledge and experience of the Quest Migration Manager toolset and Microsoft Active Directory.

Give us a call if you’re considering migration!

Make-A-Wish Blooms in Charleston

Save the Date: Wishes in Bloom, May 19, 2019  6:00 pm
Hosted at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens.

Don’t miss this unique evening of fine dining by Lowcountry chefs and profoundly moving wish experiences.  Share this opportunity to help raise funds to help create more wishes for children with critical illnesses.  For tickets click here.